Beauty Philosophy

Above all, I believe make-up should be fun, an expression of your personality, a statement about who you are, an experimental party! It should accent and highlight what you already have. I’ve never been a fan of fake eyelashes or weird lip-puffing injections or, frankly, any injections to the face. The fun gets lost in our youth-obsessed and looks-worshipping society; everyone tries to conform to a cookie-cutter standard instead of bringing out the unique beauty that is already there, waiting to be spotlighted.

So I read make-up tips and garner ideas, but if I don’t agree, I just toss it out. One example: I happen to like blue eyeshadow, no matter how many nay-sayers there are who wouldn’t be caught dead with blue eyeshadow, like it’s a contraband drug or stolen firearm. I have a silvery-blue color that looks great on my eyes (dark brown). If I treated make-up advice and trends like gospel, I wouldn’t know that, or enjoy this marvelous color.

I wanted to start this blog for one main reason: FUN. I used to try to hide my girlie side, like it was frivolous or silly, but I embrace it and rock it now, and I wanted to share it and learn from others too!

Some of my plans for this blog are: product reviews, articles, tips, psychology concepts like the psychology of attraction, and discussion about everything from our favorite mascara to our feelings about plastic surgery and how our feelings about our own appearance impact us. I’m fascinated with not only the beauty products themselves, but also the packaging, the marketing, the advertising, the deliberate attempts to evoke a feeling, an emotion, in us, to persuade us to buy a particular product over another.

So hop right in, with whatever you feel like sharing, and whenever you feel like doing it! If you have an idea for a post, just email me at I would love to invite guest bloggers and make this interactive, thought-provoking, and fun!

Welcome to Lipstick Graffiti!


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