Product Reviews: Sephora Items

Better late than never…my coveted Sephora package arrived around 7 PM last night, and I wasted no time cracking it open. I love how they let you choose 3 samples with every order. I selected 2 perfumes and 1 men’s cologne for Gary (my boyfriend). I sweetly called him over to be the first guinea pig for my beauty blog.

A side note… I simply have to take a moment here and say that Gary is the most patient, indulging boyfriend I have ever had in regards to my love affair with make-up and beauty products. He has wandered through countless miles of aisles in stores, looking at lipstick and mascara with me, and somehow manages to sound honest when he says he isn’t bored. He’s even crouched over lipstick displays and carefully evaluated the shades (after making fun of the vapid expressions or scarily-puffy lips of the models in the advertisements), proudly brandishing his choice for my approval. A big round of applause for this guy, eh? Let’s hear it!

So, Gary let me douse him with the men’s cologne, Lacoste Essential. Maybe it was the instant association with nerdy, preppy polo shirts with alligators on them, but I expected not to like it. I was pleasantly surprised. It has a clean, sexy smell that we both liked. The product description on Sephora says it’s “fresh, dynamic, and energetic”. See for yourself by ordering a free sample here: Lacoste Essential Free Sample.Also in my happy box was Sephora brand Body Scrub in Morning Lily, and I had to wait until my shower this morning to test it out. My reaction? Ho-hum. It’s not awful, but it’s not great either. Its sole function is to exfoliate, and it did…sort of…I have had better results with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which costs about $3 compared to the $16 or so I wasted on this item. Luckily it was a gift card, but still, I could have gotten else. *pouting*

Next up…Too Faced Lash Injection mascara, which the manufacturer claims “actually builds tubes around each lash”. I was quite curious after reading this claim; what do micro-tubes around each lash look like, and is it actually attractive? I applied this mascara this morning, so as we all know, the verdict is still out until I’ve worn it all day. I like the fat, full brush, but why exactly, I can’t really explain…because it’s cute like a caterpillar? It has an odd chemical smell I didn’t care for, and it felt somewhat watery going on. I applied 2 coats, and so far no annoying black specks under my eyes. I’ll update you on how well it wears and whether anyone notices or compliments me on the tubes around each of my lashes!
Last but not least, Rosebud Salve, a mighty lip balm in a round little tin, that disappointingly does notsmell like rose. Hmmm. As a lip balm, it has a nice, non-sticky texture, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all this baby can do! Sephora extols it as a “cult favorite”, able to leap tall buildings, soothe dry skin, prevent chapped lips, heal rough cuticles, and get this, remedy diaper rash! What more could you want from a product you put on your mouth? So far I’ve only tested its powers as a lip balm and a cuticle smoother. Nice job on both. It’s a larger tin than I thought it would be too, and for $6, it’s a nice, all-around diaper rash remedy, I mean, beauty product.Has anyone else tried any of these products, maybe with a different opinion of them?

I love comments! Share your feedback, questions, and other observations here.

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