Emilio Pucci Eau de Parfum

Emilio Pucci Eau de Parfum was one of the samples I received with my Sephora order. It’s an odd scent, described as a “green floral fragrance”with “hints of the Italian Riviera” and “dazzling notes of sun-drenched almond amaretto, floral sambac jasmine, narcissus and a touch of orange blossom”. At first whiff, I disliked it, but I always let a new scent simmer for a bit before I make my final call.

Ultimately it’s far too floral for me. I prefer oriental scents, or pretty much anything not floral.

But let’s let an expert make his call. The judgment of a 9-year-old perfume connaissuer?

“It smells like scented markers!”

When asked if that was a good thing, he confirmed, “Yes…scented markers smell good.”

Works for me.


6 thoughts on “Emilio Pucci Eau de Parfum

  1. Hahahahaha =DD. Thanks so much for adding me, I’m about to do the same for you. Just saying, your blogs are incredibily INCREDIBLY hilarious to read XD.P.S. Scented markers are the shiznit.

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