I Won’t Leave the House Without…

Check out the poll on the right side of the page and vote for your favorite beauty product! I voted for eyeliner and mascara, two products I am in eternal quest for the perfect product!

Which leads us to today’s discussion question: What is the one beauty product you will not leave the house without putting on your face (or body, depending on the product)? On those mornings where you are crazy late and don’t have time for a full routine, what is the one thing you absolutely must use before you will even consider rushing out the front door?

For me, it’s eyeliner; depending how much time I have, it may be either pencil or liquid liner, but I prefer liquid. It lasts much, much longer on my oily skin. If I’m really late and can’t do much more than eyeliner, I like to use a colored liner, like purple or navy, to give my eyes some color with minimal effort.

What about you? What do you reach for quickly when you only have a few minutes before you need to be out the door?


2 thoughts on “I Won’t Leave the House Without…

  1. Defffinitely eyeliner for me. And maybe a little blush to make my cheeks look livelier =). During the day it’s routine for me to put on some shiny lipgloss too!

  2. I always have lipgloss in my purse, so I can put it on in the car if I have to 😉 I’ve never been able to wear blush. I have very, very fair skin (we’re talking Morticia Adams) and nothing looks natural!

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