I Covet…these Sandals!

I love these wildly impractical sandals by Charles David, made with patent leather and studded with grommet accents! The 4 1/4″ inch is a bit much for me, but the shoes are sexy, tough, and feminine in a growling tigress kind of way. They would look smoldering with a swingy little black skirt and bare leg.

If you have never tried online shoe shopping with Piper Lime, check them out. They offer free shipping and free returns, so if your dashing sandals turn out to be too small, heels too high, or the wrong color, you can rest easy knowing you can send them right back, for free!

I ordered a pair of sandals from them a few months ago, and I got to test out their return policy when the sandals pinched the sides of my toes. I just packed the box back up, peeled off the return address sticker, placed that on the box, and dropped it at the post office. My money was refunded promptly, no hassles, no questions.

If you happen to order these sandals, please let me know how you like ’em!


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