How Do You Define Beauty?

How disheartening (and telling)…as I searched for thought-provoking articles with the phrase “define beauty”, one of the very first hits is a plastic surgery website. Indeed, is this how we define beauty anymore: artificial, mail-ordered, fake, the surgical removal of what is not hip and trendy, and the addition of what is?

How sad. The most beautiful people in the world to me will never gleam from People magazine’s cover. There’s something that shines and glows through a person’s face when he or she is genuinely loving, caring, with beauty reigning on the inside. No cosmetic product or surgery can mimic it.

How has beauty become so cookie-cutter, so rigid, so artificially defined? It’s a particular body size and shape, a certain lip shape with a particular fullness, an eye color, a specific amount of bleach on the hair…ladies, we owe ourselves better than this. We are more than this.

The more women bleach their hair to look like some plasticized Barbie doll celebrity of the moment, the more I want to embrace the darkness of my own hair; the more women inject their faces to limit their expressions so they won’t get wrinkles, the more I want to yell, scream, laugh, express myself to the hilt. And the more society wants to cram us women into a tiny definition of beauty, the more I wish women would rebel, thumb their noses at the society who wants to clip their wings, and let that inner beauty burst through. What is more beautiful than a strong woman?


2 thoughts on “How Do You Define Beauty?

  1. Yes, I love the Botox commercial that keep saying “Express yourself”. I always scream at the t.v., “SHE CAN’T!!!! HER FACE HAS BEEN INJECTED WITH PARALYZING POISON!!!” Really, think about that…I’ll give you a minute…paralyzing poison injected into your face?! What on earth are people thinking? Not to mention having someone shove a vaccuum cleaner into your thighs! Come on ladies of the world-please ignite your processors of rational thought, and USE them to make intelligent decisions!

  2. Definitely =D. I guess I haven’t been as exposed to this as you have seeing that I’m still in high school, but I still see ridiculous amounts of women destroying themselves for an image created by T.V. and magazines. In a bunch of older societies, like Greece I think, a rather “plump” woman was seen as most attractive. It’s so strange how things turn out, huh?Thanks for you concern, I’m feeling much better =)!!!!

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