Avon Glazewear Lipstick

I have to confess, even though I love make-up, lipstick is one beauty product I have never liked the feel of; they are either too heavy, too slick, too chalky, or just plain weird. I can have 3 lipsticks floating in my purse, but when I open it up to put something on my mouth, 9 times out of 10 I will grab the clear lip balm instead.

Avon’s Glazewear Lipstick is one of their best newer products. I have this lipstick in 2 colors: Pink Kiss and Beach Plum. I won the Pink Kiss tube from Allure magazine, so I like to show it to people and inform them, “I won this” so they know they are in the presence of a high-roller! It’s light pink, subtle, great if you wear black eyeliner and want a gentle color that won’t compete with your eyes.

Beach Plum is my favorite color though, a beautiful shade that looks great with coloring like mine (fair skin, brunette), if I may say so myself. I just checked Avon’s website and don’t see this particular color listed anymore. The kiss of death for any product is when I fall in love with it; so many great products have met their demise and been discontinued the instant I decided I could not live without them!

Avon recently added shopper reviews to their website, a great decision, so click here to see what others have to say about Glazewear Lipstick. I say, try one out while they are sale for $3.99!


2 thoughts on “Avon Glazewear Lipstick

  1. This is another way we are manipulated by the industry. As soon as you find that perfect product, color, etc, the companies change the packaging, change the color name, or discontinue the product. You then have to spend a lot more money testing products to find something similar.

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