Worst Beauty Nightmare!

We’ve all had them, now share yours! Beauty nightmares, that is. What is the worst beauty related mistake, procedure, or treatment you have ever survived?

Mine is very painful! Some mistakes take a long, long time to outlive. My hair is very fine and stick straight, and I read an article about 2 years ago about body waves adding volume to flat hair. I had had perms when I was a kid, forced at gunpoint by my salon rat mother, and I hated them, but this article swore things were radically different these days! So when my mother offered to take me to get my hair done for my birthday, I ripped out pictures of body waves from hair-styling magazines and trekked off to the salon, ready for full, bouncy hair instead of fine, flat, difficult hair.

I felt very confident, because I had even brought pictures of what I didn’t want. I endured the eye-stinging, smelly perm fumes, the old-lady hair dryer chair, then finally it was time to see the grand results!

I could have cried. Or strangled the hairdresser. Good god, a yapping poodle had taken residence on my head, tight, kinky, ugly curls, exactly what I had NOT wanted! It was awful. It was a ‘fro. I desperately called a friend, who recommended washing my hair and using lots of conditioner to relax the curl, but apparently the perm solution contained Super Glue, and my hair refused to loosen its hideous, kinky grip.

I lived in pony-tails for months. I would have worn a hat if I had one, and I seriously considered shaving my head.

Did I mention that was almost 2 years ago? My hair, which won’t hold a curl from a curling iron even if I drench it with half a can of hairspray, latched onto this poodle curl and maintained a death grip. The only good thing is, now that my hair is several inches longer, the ends have a nice wave that I now like, but would never, ever go through the dreaded perm again!

Now, your turn! What is the worst beauty mistake you have ever made?


3 thoughts on “Worst Beauty Nightmare!

  1. Funny! Mine was the opposite, I was 10 and was begging my mom to have my hair permed. It turned out ok, I guess! About my beauty disaster, I was in my senior year in high school when I decided to pluck my eyebrows. I was so engrossed with it (coz I expected it to hurt more but didn’t!) that my brows became so thin I looked like a monkey drag queen! I had to line it so it would look fuller. Haha! P.S. This is my second choice for my blog’s new clothes. Same taste perhaps? 🙂

  2. Hey nice post!!! made me think! hehehe…hmmm..Worst beauty mistake would be, going for a haircut in China. I was working in China then and it was fashionable in China that time for a super thin hair, and my hair was wavy that time and the stylist tried to lessen my hair and it looked just messy and not right! It took me forever to have my natural wavy hair back, ugggh just thinking about it..gives me heartache 😀

  3. ahh the grass is always greener on the other side I suppose… My hair is a thick mess of curls so it *MUST* be wet to comb thru it. You would think that most hairdressers would know this, right? WRONG. So very, very wrong. When I was in my early 20s I went to get my hair cut and the lady has me sit in the chair – I look at her strangely because I’m use to going straight back to the shampoo chairs to, at the very least, wet my hair down – I ask her if she’s gonna wet my hair first and she says no, she wants to comb it out to cut it. Ummmmmmm…. you cant comb this dry?! Anyway, to make a long painful story a short painful story – despite my pleas to wet my nappy head, she informed me that she was the pro and to just relax. Ooookay. I ended up looking like Don King …or perhaps Princess Troll baby..with my hair at least 3 feet wide and fro’d out like it was 1978 or something. HORRENDOUS! I finally had enough and I sprang up from the chair and ran out.. yes, grabbed my purse and bolted. She hadnt cut it…just made me look Super Fly with a fro Shaft woulda been proud of… hell no I wasnt gonna pay for that. I also never set foot in there again. *EVERYONE* had stopped what they were doing and were staring. Hello? YOU DO NOT BRUSH OUT CURLY HAIR DRY..unless you are trying to fro out yo nappy head! LOL *hanging head in shame*

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