Jane Mineral Make-Up

I bought this on a whim last night and took about 10 seconds of testing it to decide to return it today. I was hoping for something with more coverage and staying power than the transluscent pressed powder I currently use, and I’ve read so many pleased reviews about mineral make-up that I really wanted to give it a whirl.

The container has a soft puff under the lid for application instead of a brush, which seemed like it would be cleaner and neater. The directions said to “invert the bottle”, which would cascade the mineral make-up through the puff for perfect application once you removed the cap.

What the directions should say:

“Turn container completely upside down and smack as hard as you can against the palm of your hand, because there’s no way in hell that ‘gently inverting’ this bottle is going to make this powder go anywhere. After your hand turns red and painful and there’s still barely any powder on the application side of the puff, but powder finely misted all over your bathroom counter, smack your forehead with the puff until just short of unconsciousness, and there might be some powder on the puff by now. Dab onto your nose and/or forehead, regard the unpleasant, orange-tinged color the powder imparts, and go hunt down your receipt to return this wretched product.”

That would sum it up nicely.

PROS: None. I can’t even list the relatively low price (about $7) as a pro because spending anything on this product is a waste.

CONS: package (powder does not easily distribute to puff for application); odd color; chalky feel; cumbersome application

STARS: Scale of 1-5: 0!

I hated it, can you tell? Yet I have heard some great things about mineral make-up, so I will try yet again….


5 thoughts on “Jane Mineral Make-Up

  1. I do LOVE mineral make-up! I have never tried the Jane brand, but I recently bought a different form of the kind I usually buy. I totally know what you mean in your vivd description of trying to use the product! I will use up what I just bought, but I prefer the make-up in a “compact” form. This is what I use: http://www.physiciansformula.com/en-us/staticpage/mineralwear.htmlPF also makes a new line of “organic wear” cosmetics. DO NOT buy this!!! my friend bought some and the smell could have raised dead dogs back to life!!

  2. I’m curious what you think about mineral make-up though… I recently got on the Bare Escentuals bandwagon. I like it ok but admittedly I dont wear foundation that often because my skin feels icky when I do. It seems like I should be putting a lot more on but I think the point of it is that you dont. They have this primer stuff (lotion) and then you use two different powders. The coverage is good and covers up red areas but I am probably not “OMG THIS IS AWESOME” because I’m just cosmetically challenged 🙂

  3. That’s the only one I’ve tried so far. I hate the feel of foundation, so if it’s like that, I’ll never find one I like. I’d like to try one with a brush instead of a bizarre puff thing.

  4. Bare Escentuals is a combo of two powders – the ‘mineral veil’ and ummm, the second one (sorry, cant remember what they call it) and you apply them with brushes, which is why I bought it. I actually signed up online for the starter kit. I *hate* the feeling of liquid foundation so this stuff is great in comparison. I’ve recently started using Clinique’s skincare stuff for skin that is prone to redness, etc and that along with the Bare Escentuals is working quite well actually…once I have figured out better ways to apply it n stuff 🙂

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