Lafawnduh’s Fan Club

I had no idea, when I made a passing comment about Lafawnduh (the odd spelling from the movie cast list) from Napoleon Dynamite in the post called Things I Don’t Get, that Lafawnduh had such a cult following. One of the top search terms used to land on this blog is “Lafonda”! Who knew? Well, since so many people are on the prowl for information about her, I did the research for you.

Lafawnduh was played by Shandrella Avery, who was born on April 26, 1971, in Los Angeles, California. The oldest of 10 children, she graduated from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University. Besides Napoleon Dynamite, she has starred in movies such as Trippin’ and Domino. She’s also had television roles, including Candy on the comedy One on One and its spinoff, Cuts, as well as a reality/prank show called Girls Behaving Badly.

Ms. Avery now lives in L.A. with her husband.

Note in the photo above: her fingernails are NOT talons any longer! She’s actually a very beautiful woman when she’s not dressed up as the over-the-top Lafawnduh, but then, Jon Heder is much better looking in real life than his role in that movie as well. Part of the movie’s comedy was the dorkiness of the cast.

Now everyone searching “Lafonda” and landing on my blog will at least have a bit more information about her! But if it isn’t quite enough, follow these links:

Star Pulse

You’re welcome!


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