Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

Great Lash mascara turned me off from Maybelline’s mascaras for years; I’ve never been able to comprehend how that particular formula, rather like black food coloring in tepid water, has gathered such a devoted fan base. When I spotted a Maybelline gift set on clearance after Christmas, with an eyeliner, eyeshadow duo, and the Define-A-Lash mascara, all for about $2, my experimental side wouldn’t let me pass it up.

I’m glad I didn’t. I really like this mascara. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it has several things going for it:

  • A cool tube. Hey, it’s cheery and bright, easy to find in my make-up bag!
  • A great brush. It’s plastic or nylon, not the usual hairy brush that gathers clumps, so the mascara goes on smoothly and evenly.
  • No clumps (just had to reiterate).
  • And…no flakes! I cannot stand a mascara that leaves black confetti beneath my eyes, so I am excited this one makes the cut.
  • A good price. I snagged this one on clearance, but its typical retail price is about $7.

I’m very difficult to please when it comes to mascara. I’ve tried more expensive brands, like Lancome and Estee Lauder, and just wasn’t impressed, given the $25+ price tag. I also use an eyelash curler, and this mascara works almost like hairspray, setting and holding the curl from the eyelash curler, without making my lashes stiff and brittle.

As a total side note, I’ve read reviews and descriptions of mascaras that say things like “leaves your lashes soft”! Who has a significant other who runs his fingers through your eyelashes? Don’t women have enough to worry about without wondering if their eyelashes are soft, bouncy, and shiny?

Just in case you do, I just touched my eyelashes, and sure enough, they are still soft, despite 2 coats of mascara. What more could you ask for in a mascara?


One thought on “Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

  1. wow, you’re lucky to have phone a mascara that works for you! we don’t have Maybelline define a lash here YET..i hope they do, I want to give it a try as well after reading your blog 😀

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