Urban Decay vs. L’Oreal Eye Shadow Base

In this corner (right):Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion, a strong favorite of mine and the heavy-weight champion of the beauty world!

In this corner (left): L’Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base, the newest addition to my make-up bag, in a trial run against my old stand-by. Will it be able to hang…and possibly replace the Urban Decay champ?

I applied the L’Oreal Eye Shadow Base this morning, and immediately I noticed the difference in applicator. Urban Decay’s is smaller and sturdier, while L’Oreal’s is like a broad, soft sponge. Forget applying the L’Oreal base with just the applicator; you’ll end up with gobs on your eyelids and there’s no way it will cover evenly. No big deal though. Just dab it with your finger to blend evenly and ensure a smooth base for your eye shadow.

One thing the L’Oreal product has going for it is that it costs half as much as Urban Decay’s primer. I can also find the L’Oreal product even in little hick town stores, while I have to order Urban Decay online (and pay shipping).

The two eye shadow bases are slugging it out right now with no clear winner announced yet! After I’ve had a few days to test run the L’Oreal base, I’ll let you know which one is the champ.


4 thoughts on “Urban Decay vs. L’Oreal Eye Shadow Base

  1. I’ve only tried the L’Oreal base a few times, and my conclusion is, if you have the extra money for the Urban Decay product, it has a much nicer applicator, is easier to put on and control, has a cool bottle (if you leave your make-up on a vanity or counter), and is an awesome product.For half the price, L’Oreal’s product does help prevent creasing as well as Urban Decay, but it is difficult to apply because the applicator is floppy and the base is more liquid-y than Urban Decay. You will need to blend it with your finger or it will never go on smoothly. The L’Oreal product has more drawbacks than Urban Decay, but for half the price, its job is to keep my eye shadow from creasing, and it actually does that pretty well.

  2. Dark as in undereye circles? Or dark skin? I have undereye circles (I don’t sleep well!) and avoid eyeliner under my eyes most of the time. I don’t use dark eye shadow or else it makes it worse looking.

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