Your First Make-Up

What is the first make-up you remember playing with? When I was very little, I loved the row of my mom’s lipsticks in our bathroom, and I had playsets with plastic makeup, but the first cosmetic item I remember buying for myself was a peppermint flavored Maybelline lipgloss. Anyone remember those? They were in short, red-and-white chunky cases with rounded caps, and the lipgloss itself was swirled like a peppermint candy, and heavily fragranced like mint! I loved that lipgloss. I couldn’t find a picture of it to post here, as it was discontinued many moons ago.

My 4-year-old stepdaughter was playing with the lipsticks in the bathroom drawer, swiveling one tube up and down after applying the color to her lips, teeth, and nose in an attempt to put it on her mouth, and she commented happily, “Playing with lipstick is fun.”

I have to agree. How many girls’ first make-up item is lipstick or lipgloss? There’s an allure to lipstick, a woman-ness, at risk of sounding silly, but I can’t be the only woman whose boyfriends said they liked watching us put on lipstick, or who watched their mothers put on lipstick and were thrilled when the color was offered up to try out ourselves.

I distinctly recall one make-up playset I had, because the toy nail polish bottles actually contained a liquid of some sort, and I loved that they looked “real”. My little brother, about 3 years old at the time, got a notion into his daredevil head to pop one of those bottles open and drink the fake nail polish, and I was hysterical, certain that the colored fake polish was going to do him in. Apparently it was mostly food coloring, because he was none the worse for the experiment, but the rest of my make-up kit was taken away if any item remotely resembled something that could be pried, twisted, or popped open by devious little paws.

Thanks, Paul (my kid brother, who is now 31 years old but still a daredevil). Maybe for his next birthday, I will buy him a 6-pack of nail polishes for old time’s sake.


4 thoughts on “Your First Make-Up

  1. I remember playing with lipstick too. I also remember being TERRIFIED of my mom’s eyelash curler. As a kid it looked like a torture device. My 6-year old hockey playing nephew used to like wearing lip balm and my lipstick when he was really little–i think he liked the way it felt. kids are weird!good topic, btw!

  2. As a kid? I’m still terrified of the eyelash curler!!! My first make-up was a compact with blue eyeshadow and red-I mean RED lipstick! It was handed down from my sister, and I was only allowed to wear it around the house. I think I was around 6th grade. Whew! I thought I looked pretty awesome in that horrible stuff! Because of that, I never wear any shade of blue eyeshadow! After my “heavy metal” high school days, I have also given up red lipstick! LOL!

  3. I was four and I too first tried my mom’s lipstick… but it wasn’t just for my lips, I used it as eyeshadow and blush because I saw my mom putting stuff on her cheeks and eyelids so I thought the lipstick is for all of that. LOL!My first makeup was I think this strawberry flavored roll-on lip gloss that my mom bought me. It tasted so good that I ended up putting it on my lips, licking it till the flavor’s gone and then putting some more. I finished the whole tube in just a week I think. Haha!

  4. I think I got into make up quite late, let’s say around 8 or something, and it was with a palette of colorful e/s that aren’t pigmented at all! I ended up putting EVERTHING! in one eye! hahaha and my next would be the lip glosses that tastes like cough syrup, they were supposed to be cherry flavored..but eeekkk

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