So much attention is heaped upon celebrities who entertain small minds with idiotic behavior and tacky stunts that I wanted to devote today’s entry to women who are not only beautiful, but also classy, women you could sit down and have a conversation with, without the nagging urge to douse every surface with Lysol after they hobbled off.

#1. Natalie Portman

I’ve seen this woman in movies and read interviews with her, and I am still impressed. Instead of revelling in brandishing her crotch to the paparazzi, a la Britney, she has a brain, and she uses it. She has turned down roles because of the gratuitious nudity of the character, and she has stated she takes pride in being a good role model for young girls. It’s sad this is so rare in Hollywood, but I appreciate her intelligence and maturity.

#2. Linda Carter

C’mon…Wonder Woman…enough said.

Also, because of this: The son of one of her stunt doubles, Jeannie Epper, told his classmates that his mother was Lynda’s stunt double on the series “Wonder Woman” (1976), but they didn’t believe him, not even after he showed them a picture of his mother in the Wonder Woman costume from the set. When Lynda herself found out about this, she invited the boy’s class to the set so they could see Jeannie herself in action (source: IMDB).

#3. Ashley Judd

Ms. Judd is one of the only celebrities who actually impressed me in an interview instead of prompting me to roll my eyes or cringe in pain. She is outspoken, smart, and strong. According to IMDB, she turned down a larger role in Kuffs (1992) because she was asked to do nude scenes. She responded, “My mother worked too hard for me to take my clothes off in my first movie.” She is a self-proclaimed feminist, and she has modeled her “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt for the Ms. Foundation and Ms. Online (, as have Whoopi Goldberg, Camryn Manheim and Margaret Cho.

Who else should make the list? What other celebrities buck the trend by being classy and intelligent?


4 thoughts on “Classy

  1. Lynda Carter? Really? I saw an interview with her a few months ago where she admitted to having been a raging alchoholic-so much that she really didn’t even raise her children. She was unavailiable, aka drunk! Wonder Woman is a strong woman, but not the actress who played her.

  2. I haven’t read anything about Lynda Carter in ages, so maybe she needs to be taken off the list. The only biography show I saw about her, she articulated herself well and seemed to have it together. And hey…Wonder Woman! WW stays on the list, even if Lynda goes.

  3. By the way, Natalie gives to Foundation for International Community Assistance, which gives small business loans to poor women, so they can start businesses, live better lives, have more for their families, or get out of abusive situations. Wow! That’s awesome! More info at http://www.villagebanking.orgAlso, I was watching some crap show about “25 top sexiest TV women”. Lynda Carter as WW was named. Most of the women on the list were chosen, not only for looks, but for the strength their tv characters displayed. Hey, there is a tiny spark of hope for Hollywood in there somewhere!

  4. I adore Natalie Portman. Nah, there’s no hope for Hollywood! If WW wasn’t wearing a bustier top and red lipstick, she wouldn’t be on the list, no matter how strong she is. A strong woman still needs to be physically attractive to be considered worth much, and her appearance is still by far held in higher graces than her strength.

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