Beautiful Child

I discovered this article while cruising around online this afternoon: Your Child is Beautiful–What is a Parent to Do?

Some hightlights of the article (for those you who are going to cheat and not really read it, shhhhh):

*Mothers are more likely to be more attentive toward a beautiful infant.

*Children who are attractive are perceived as having more positive virtues.

*Even people who knows a child intimately will judge them differently if they are unattractive.

It’s disturbing but not surprising that appearance is such a huge factor even for infants and children, long before they are aware of society’s obsession with looks. It’s particularly disturbing that attractive babies receive more attention from their mothers (no data on fathers, I suppose. Typical.) I’m sure people are barely aware of their bias or behavior when children are involved, especially their own. It is sad that such a shallow message is delivered to children so young.

What are your thoughts or opinions on this? Is an emphasis on appearance so extensive that we actually tend less to children we don’t view as attractive?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Child

  1. I thought the line: “You have a face only a mother could love.” would make the less attractive babies/children less insecure about their appearance but with your post, I feel bad for the babies and angry at the parents (if it were true for some). Tsk tsk tsk…*sigh* I am not a mother but I think the word unconditional love should always resurface whenever we feel that our children aren’t that “attractive”.

  2. You know what? This kinda hit me hard…i mean the first thought would be “what on earth are the parents thinking ????” but you know what, it is true, in a lot of cases, I hear some of my friends who have kids that would go pinpointing to us about the “flaws” of their kids. Like:” I wish she’s got bigger eyes, longer lashes, blah blah” and heck! The kid is like only 2 or 3yrs old! But sad to say, with this type of society, we are all blinded by physical well being instead of a moral upbringing of an individual. I always got compared before to my sister because I’m more curvier compared to her…good thing that didn’t bother me… thanks for the post! I hope it opens up the eyes of people!

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