Mark Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lipgloss

I really wanted to like Mark’s Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lipgloss in Sun Luxe (color swatch at left). The Hook Up cosmetics use a connector to “hook” together, so you can carry lip gloss on one end, mascara on the other, or any other combination your little heart desires. I like the tiny bottles, and the colors are beautiful (I think that’s Melon Luxe below; I wanted a picture of the full bottle for demonstration), with tiny flecks of shimmer to feel “look at me” without feeling “teeny bopper mall brat”. It also surprised me with a pleasant, clean, minty scent.I liked the color when I first tried it on, but it has a tendency to gradually migrate, and I ended up feeling like I had to wipe lipgloss drool from my chin. It’s uncomfortable after a while, as you can imagine. The texture of the gloss is too runny or watery; it just doesn’t stay put.I seem to be in the minority, however, unless the Avon website simply doesn’t publish negative comments. All the reviews of this gloss on the Avon site are positive, but I just don’t love it. Cool bottle, gorgeous colors, nice scent…but lipgloss that doesn’t stay on my lips is hard to like!


3 thoughts on “Mark Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lipgloss

  1. Lip gloss is fabulous in theory, but if you talk, eat, drink, breathe, think, or blink, that’s it-gloss over-it’s gone. People should probably only wear gloss for a photo shoot. I hate lip gloss!! Love the look, hate the maintenence, and the gloopy stickiness! Yuck!

  2. Give Glow Baby Glow another chance! This time try one of the colors w/o Luxe in the name. Luxe is thicker and should be used sparingly IMO. The non-Luxe lip gloss is not so thick and you forget it’s there. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Contact Me<> and I’ll hook you up with a sample – no pun insteaded!

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