Lipstick and the Economy

A wise and alert reader e-mailed me this story, The Economy is in the Toilet—Naturally, You’ll Start Wearing Lipstick. (Don’t worry, it’s a very short article, so click the link already!)

I agree with it… to a point. Yes, I do agree that, in hard times, lipstick replaces more expensive indulgences like perfume, spa treatments, and the like, but then the writer announced: Women wear lipstick, β€œto put forward an image that they are more alive and more vibrant, and not as down in the mouth. It’s part of the uniform of desirability and attractiveness.”

When I was finished laughing at this oversimplification, and when I was done shaking my head at its condescending tone, I wondered if just a bit wee bit too much significance is placed on why women wear lipstick. I must say I have never been applying lipstick and gunning for its political, economical, or social message, no matter the state of the economy. Perhaps I’m in the minority and other women don’t choose lipstick based on how it flatters skin tone or just helps the lips not feel so dry; do you put forth economical proclamations every time you slick on lipstick?

3 thoughts on “Lipstick and the Economy

  1. Hahaha. Like you I agree that I purchase lipstick as retail therapy in times of stress as a substitute to something pricier, but the thought of gunning for its political, economical or social message is definitely not a thought when buying lipstick. I guess I’m in the minority with you as far as choosing lipstick based on how it flatters my skin tone or moisturizes my lips. LOL. πŸ˜› Great post! LOL. πŸ™‚

  2. great post! it makes so much sense…lipstick is such a simple indulgence- nothing you have to break the bank over…i myself am not an avid lipstick wearer, but if i find one i like, i buy it…

  3. hmmmm….i guess this makes sense. but i don’t wear my “face” as any political proclamation.i do however wear makeup on days when i feel especially blah. helps me feel better about myself. self-therapy.lipstick is def a cheaper indulgence. i’m still on the fence as to whether i’m buying perfume for my upcoming wedding!

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