Avon FootWorks Pedi-Peel

Since sandal season is in full swing, I picked up a jar of Avon’s FootWorks Pedi-Peel recently. According to Avon’s website, this product is “a fast-acting, retexturizing treatment with glycolic acid to refine and smooth rough, callused surfaces and moisturizers to help soften dry skin.”

Whew! A lot of promise from a little liquid-soaked pad. I’ve been trying these out, and they are simple as can be to use. Just use one pad per foot, wipe rough areas, and wait for the liquid to dry. That’s it, nothing more.

Although Avon reviewers call this product a “must-have” and a “miracle”, I am once again in the fuzzy ho-hum, shrug, not terribly impressed gray area. There does appear to be some softening of the skin, but I use foot cream at night and can’t be certain the difference isn’t the result of the cream (most likely). I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product, but noticable results would have been rewarding. My bottom line: if you already take care of your feet with lotion, I doubt you need this product. It doesn’t seem to add anything significant to the mix.

I swear I’m not anti-Avon these days! I use Avon’s Foot Works foot cream at night, and I have tried the Overnight Renewing Foot Cream. (Tip: Wearing socks overnight, after rubbing in the cream, helps the lotion do its job.) I’d recommend the foot cream over the pedi-peel for real results.


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