Summer Beauty

Sun, heat, humidity, sweat…the summertime brings its own special package of beauty challenges, but here are some tips to get through the season:

First, ladies and gentlemen, always REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN. Don’t make me say it again. There is nothing beautiful about flaky, peeling, painfully red skin, or for that matter, about sheer stupidity. The message about sun damage and skin cancer is out there, loud and clear. No excuses; use sunscreen already.

These tips are from

  • Let your skin breathe and use sheer makeup that serve more than one purposes. It is important to keep the humidity locked in as sweating dries skin out. So, lock away your foundation for the season and use a light moisturizer with sun block instead.
  • Cheek sticks and crème eye colors are easy to apply and last longer in summer.
  • If you must apply foundation, mix it with loose powder to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.
  • Eyes should be done simply. Use neutral and soft shimmery eye shadow on lids and work on lashes instead.
  • Go for the nude natural look for the lips. Even for evening parties, it is preferable to use loose shimmer powder on arms and neck and a soft gloss on lips.

One last tip from yours truly: remember to get real. When it’s soaring past 100 degrees and it’s so humid there are moisture droplets dangling breathlessly in the air, give up trying to look flawless and fresh as a daisy. It’s hot. Keep a dose of reality on stand-by and remember to have fun and be safe, above all else.


3 thoughts on “Summer Beauty

  1. I have been looking for an expert to ask this question, but yet I can’t really find a proper place to post it on this blog. OK, I’ll ask anyway.I am planning to make handcrafted soap using a recipe in which Cherry Pit Oil is the #1 Ingredient. I’ve used this stuff for over a year and apparently I have better skin than my younger female relatives. Mind you, my skin is like lizard’s skin, but at least its well tanned lizard skin.What do you use Cherry Pit Oil for?

  2. I honestly don’t use cherry pit oil for anything and never heard of using it for anything. A quick Google search showed a few hits for it as an ingredient in some cosmetics and skin care items, but no clear information about its benefits to skin. How did you decide to use cherry pit oil?

  3. I like cherry pit oil (aka Cherry Kernel Oil) because of its high concentration of skin conditioners such as Oleic and Linoelic Acid. It is also loaded bit healing agents such as “prostoglandins”. It is my #1 Soap Ingredient.Let’s put it this way, I loaded my soap up with ingredients like Safflower Oil to help relax muscles; Silk Protein to assist bonding of conditioners to the skin; Dead Sea Salt for healing; Coconut Oil and Lard for lather properties; and cosmetic clay for skin purification, exfolient, and scent retention properties.When I make a bar of soap, my intended audience is some John Wayne type needing a good long soak and nap in the tub after a long hard days work of bruising and scrapes. Now for the Law of Unintended Consequences. Let’s just say that if you make a Good Man’s Bar of Soap, the Ladies will come, Knocking on Your Door!In an unrelated matter, please have a look at the resume on my website and critique it.

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