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Beauty Quotes

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” —Elizabeth Kubler Ross

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” — Miss Piggy

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words;
Watch your words, for they become actions;
Watch your actions, for they become habits;
Watch your habits, for they become character;
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

I’ve loved Miss Piggy from way back, but that last quote is truly my favorite. No amount of make-up, surgery, tricks, fancy products, creams, or lotions can truly help a person who is ugly on the inside. One of the most effective beauty tips may be simply to be good to other people, and to show light from your heart instead of darkness. There is nothing more beautiful than love.


How to Correct 8 Beauty Mistakes

How many of these 8 beauty mistakes are you guilty of committing? This article from tackles 8 common beauty mistakes and offers the solution for each.

Which ones am I guilty of? None! OK, just kidding. I always rub my wrists together after spraying perfume on them, but this is actually not the best way to apply perfume. Spray it on before you get dressed, and don’t rub your wrists together; it can break down the perfume’s molecular structure.

Here’s another article from the same site I like: Beauty Myths Debunked

Don’t you feel smart now?

Avon African Shea Butter Restorative Hair Mask

A week or so ago, I bought Avon’s Planet Spa African Shea Butter Restorative Hair Mask, and it has been waiting patiently in my shower for its debut on my blog! I’ve used it about 4 times and have been pleased with it.

The bottle claims that it “repairs and restores dry, dehydrated and/or overprocessed hair; leaves hair soft, shiny and managable. Contains UV and thermal protection to help prevent against future damage”. Pretty ambitious!

Between coloring my hair, sweating during workouts, tight ponytails, barrettes, the blowdryer, and other daily evils I inflict on my hair, I thought my hair could use some TLC. I left this conditioner in my hair about 5 minutes before rinsing it out, and I had an easier time getting knots combed out, which can be difficult with fine hair. My hair was also softer, and this conditioner smells sweet, like caramel, which I like.

PRO’S: Delicious smell; leaves hair soft and easy to comb; great price (Regular price is $4.99, but it’s currently on sale on for $2.99)

CON’s: None, really. For really heavy and deep conditioning, you will likely need another product, but for your average head of hair, this conditioner does a nice job.

Miracle Whip Facial

Miracle Whip is not just for sandwiches anymore! Nope, this is not a joke. While searching “homemade beauty treatments”, I kept seeing, over and over, the touted Miracle Whip Facial, and I had to know more, even if just because it sounds so disgusting!

According to, here’s the lowdown on using Miracle Whip as your new favorite beauty product:

Here is how you apply this “miracle cream”: Make sure all your hair is pulled back from your face. Apply a thin layer of the KMW (Kraft Miracle Whip) all over your face, up to the eyelashes and make sure to also put some on your neck. The “fumes” from the vinegar may bother you so walk around the house to try to escape them. LOL! Leave on for 10 minutes, then massage gently. The dead skin cells on your face will roll off in rubbery little balls. Rinse your skin with tepid water, then cleanse as usual following your regular beauty regime. If you apply the KMW every day, in 6-8 weeks your skin should be completely renewed.

So! Who is the first volunteer to offer to try a 6-week Miracle Whip regimen and report back to us on the results? Doesn’t the mental imagery of your flesh rolling off in “rubbery little balls” tantalize until you’re ready to lunge for the Miracle Whip?

Me either, but I’m still intrigued. One brave soul, Christina Jones, tried the Miracle Whip challenge and claims, “My skin is looking better than it has in awhile!” (source: eBeauty Daily). And according to, Miracle Whip is more than just a sandwich spread and spa treatment! (Hair conditioner, anyone?)

Okay, if no one volunteers to test the Miracle Whip facial, I will have to valiantly try this out myself in the name of beauty blogging. (In other words, do I see a show of hands? Anyone…anyone?)

Schick Quattro Razor

I snagged a Schick Quattro razor on for free, and I have been using it for several months now. Now, a razor may not seem like an exciting product to review for a beauty blog, but if you have sensitive skin or tend to hurry and filet your legs, then gather ’round.

The refill razor cartridges run about $10, depending how many are in a pack (I just bought a 4-pack for $10, but there were 2 additonal cartidges for free), but these razor blades last forever. Remember I said I’ve been using this razor for a few months now? Last week was the first time I have changed the razor blade, and I still have had no nicks, cuts, or problems.

The razor gives a smooth shave without irritation. My skin is so sensitive that even with shaving gel and a surgeon’s touch, my legs would turn red after a shave, and I always seemed to nick myself. I haven’t had any of those problems with this razor, so it’s now become a permanent resident of my shower.

The one I got for free from is the men’s razor, and I noticed while shopping for refills that the women’s version costs more. Save the extra few bucks that are apparently just for a coat of pink paint. The men’s razor works great on legs!

I checked, and the Schick Quattro doesn’t seem to be available anymore. However, there is a current offer for the Schick Intuition Plus razor. Check it out and let us know how you like that one!

Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

Who could miss the bright yellow packaging of Maybelline’s newest mascara, the Colossal Volume mascara? I didn’t, and I couldn’t resist the challenge of seeing what colossal lashes actually look like.

Want to know? Like any other lashes with any other mascara, except with fine black flakes adorning your cheeks, because this mess flakes horribly. What a wild disappointment.

PRO’s: ummm…I’m still thinking. Surely I have something nice to say…

CON’s: certainly no significant difference in volume vs. other mascaras; flakes horribly, even with one coat; ugly packaging (yellow and purple?)

Save your money. I strongly prefer Avon’s Daring Curves Mascara, which I recently reviewed. Maybelline needs to go back to the drawing board and try again with this one.

*Photo courtesy of Silver Lips Beauty and Musiq Haven…thanks! I was having trouble finding a photo of this product!*

Avon Daring Curves Mascara

This is testimony to why I test a new product several times before drawing my conclusion. When I tried Avon’s Daring Curves Mascara in Navy, the bizarre, twisted brush threw me for a loop. Mascara clings to the brush and, unless there is a magical trick to applying this mascara, the brush makes it awkward to put on without clumps.

My verdict after the first day? HATED IT. The newly-opened tube was dangled precariously above the trash can when I generously decided to test drive it a few more times first.

Avon’s website claims this mascara boasts a “patented Curl Contour brush that curls, thickens and holds.• Up to 65% curlier.• Up to 400% thicker.• Up to 12-hour hold.” I always use an eyelash curler with mascara anyway, so I can’t attest to its curling power alone, but yes, it has great holding power. My eyelashes looked almost ridiculously fake after I curled them, and I had to tone them down for work.

My biggest turn-off in a mascara is flaking, and luckily, I haven’t noticed any flecks under my eyes, even at the end of the day. I roll the brush lightly over a tissue to remove any excess mascara before applying it to my lashes, and that eliminated the weird-brush-and-clumps issue.

I’m still not convinced the weird brush has any positive reason for existing, but after giving this mascara a second and third try, it’s a keeper.

PRO’S: inexpensive (catch it on sale); staying power; works great with an eyelash curler; no flaking or clumping if you apply carefully

CON’S: weird brush makes it awkward to apply at first; navy color not really noticeable, so I’d probably stick to black or brown unless you have very light lashes

* Tip: Volage, a reviewer on Avon’s website, offers this advice for applying this mascara: “The key to this mascara is to hold the brush very close to the base of the lashes and roll the brush upwards to coat the lashes. If you sweep it from side to side, it doesn’t help with the curling factor.”

Thanks, Volage!