Permanent Make-Up

When I first heard of permanent make-up, I have to admit I thought it was an intriguing idea, essentially tattooing on eyeliner, lip color, and other make-up and eliminating that early-morning application. No more smears, running make-up, or trying to hold my hand steady! Permanent eyeliner is the most common procedure, followed by eyebrows and lip color.

On second thought…sharp needles near my eyes? In my lip? That sounds more like a scene from the horror movie Saw than a luxury beauty treatment.

So I clicked over to Web MD, which conveniently enough has an article, How Safe is Permanent Make-Up? Turns out, not very. How do these possible side effects sound: creeping color, swelling, infection, allergic reactions, masses that form inside tissue around a foreign substance, scarring, and in severe cases, disfigurement that impairs speech and eating?

I’ll pass. And if you need another voice of reason, here’s Charles S. Zwerling, MD, who says of permanent make-up, “What I’ve seen has been very poorly done. You can’t be sure what the color is going to do, and if you get an allergic reaction, you’re dealing with a large surface area. You’re talking about major reconstructive face surgery.”

All this to skimp on make-up application every morning?


4 thoughts on “Permanent Make-Up

  1. i’ve never been crazy about the concept of permanent makeup. in my honest opinion, i always thought that it took away what was fun about makeup. for example, if you get permanent eyeliner and it’s black, it’ll be hard to apply a lighter color eyeliner over it without darkening up the color… thus taking away from the fun of experimenting with new makeup looks. 😛 i can understand how it may be convenient, but i don’t ever see myself getting this done. plus like you said, all of the complications that can arise from it don’t sound so fun. LOL. 😛

  2. I love putting on make up, I honestly don’t want too much make up on myself, but because of the fact that I love make up application and I don’t always have models beside me to “lend” me their faces, i would be doing it to myself just for practice and fun, and i believe permanent make up will take away all the happiness of make up application 🙂 hehehe maybe permanent make up is really for those people who “hates” to apply make up and want to wake up with the make up on their faces 🙂

  3. My mom got her eye brows done a few years ago which I think is a lot better then getting lips or eyes done, but honestly it didn’t last for very long never seemed to make a big difference. I would never do it.

  4. eek the thought of needles on my face is not a pleasant one lol. my friend’s mom has permanent eyeliner though and she’s fine… but i’ve never noticed it.

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