Oil Blotting Papers

Oily skin, humidity, heat, sweat…blech! It can be an unsavory combination. The fact that oily skin is resistant to wrinkles is not much consolation when my face is lit up like a Christmas tree, and the oily glare could blind you if you’re not careful.

Mixing face powder on this soppy mess, is, well…messy. And orange-y streaks of wet powder? Yes, very pretty.

Instead of globbing powder onto your oily face, a better tactic is oil blotting papers, or if the manufacturer prefers to talk fancy, matte blotting film or blotting linens. Essentially they are very thin squares of paper that you use to literally blot up the oil on your face, and you can see the results in all the gross wet spots on the paper.

They’re not as cute as a glitzy powder compact, but they take up less space in your purse and certainly work better than powdering over oil slicks. Some product descriptions claim they will leave your face shine-free and matte; not likely, but certainly with far less shine than before blotting.

Sephora carries different types, some scented, some lightly powdered, in various price ranges. One to try on the cheap is Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. Instead of paper, these are soft, blue sheets that absorb oil. I prefer them over paper types, and these cost about $4 to $5. Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and other drugstores generally carry them. And the generic brand often propped up beside them? Just as good!

2 thoughts on “Oil Blotting Papers

  1. I can vouch on JnJ oil film! I don’t have much oil on my face but they can always catch the TINIEST grease !!!! All my friends who’s got oily skin really! Can fill up the whole paper with grease and the good thing? You’re right, it doesn’t tear 🙂 Love it! thanks for this..I was in college when I first tried this! Now that i’m a dried up old bag..no need to buy this LOL

  2. I love this! I am super oily especially on my T-zone. And just a warning, you may get blinded by the shine of my face when it’s really oily. LOL! If ever I can’t find any Clean & Clear, I buy Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues.

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