Coming Soon: Avon Product Reviews!

I had received a gift certificate to our Avon store for my birthday, and today I was in a shopping mood and decided to spend the balance of the certificate. I haven’t tried any of my new products yet, but as soon as I’ve given them all a fair test drive, I will post my reviews:

Planet Spa African Shea Butter Restorative Hair Mask: Have I mentioned that I keep one bottle of the African Shea Butter hand cream at home, and another in my desk drawer? It smells yummy, like caramel. The hand cream is great for my hands; I’ll let you know what the mask does for my hair.

Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipcolor in Stay Pink: The last thing I needed was more lipstick or lipgloss, but hey, it was free, so who am I hurting? That’s what I thought. Despite my drawerful of lip color, I am most likely to apply my clear lip balm, so I thought a long-lasting color was just the thing. Hopefully I will be able to apply the color just once, in the morning, and then the clear balm will just keep the shine.

Daring Curves Mascara in Navy: I always use black mascara, so here’s a step onto the wild and crazy side for me…plus I love how my eyes (dark brown) look with navy eyeliner, so navy seems like a great choice in mascara color as well.

Shimmer Eyes Shadow Stick in Twinkling Lilac: I love the attention-getting and girly aspect of glittery eye shadows, but definitely not the mall brat/teeny-bopper/6th grade aura it can project. I tested this on my hand, and the glitter was subtle, not like confetti chunks of tin foil, which is what a lot of shimmery, glittery make-up can unfortunately resemble. (Note: I couldn’t find this item on the Avon website, so it just may be a discontinued item.)

As I test each product and decide if I love it, hate it, or *shrug* don’t care much either way, I’ll post here and let you know (of course you are waiting with bated breath!)

And if you have tried any of these items, don’t be shy…share your opinion!


I love comments! Share your feedback, questions, and other observations here.

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