Bad Beauty Habits

Some of the habits we develop in attempts to improve our appearance can actually be harmful, and some of our habits are just damaging. Here are some bad beauty habits, according to Shape magazine:

  • Cradling the phone against your face
  • Over-exfoliating
  • Sleeping with make-up still on
  • Chewing your nails
  • Playing with your hair
  • Not flossing

And the top 2 cardinal sins? Smoking, and sun worship. adds these bad habits:

  • Excessive hair brushing
  • Shampooing every day
  • Tanning (it bears repeating)

I simply have to add my own despised habit/pet peeve: ladies, put down the bleach already! That splotchy, streaked, striped, almost-plaid bleached-out mess on your head is outdated, boring, and so overdone. It’s like Jason from Friday the 13th; it just won’t die. I admit to being guilty of bleached-out stripes…oh, five years ago! And the trend was getting old then. Please, no more hair color that looks like it was done with a painting sponge and a bottle of Clorox. Consider this your intervention! You’ll thank me later.


3 thoughts on “Bad Beauty Habits

  1. Oh! How I hate striped hair! I have never done this, and never will. It always has been and always will be ridiculous looking. A few face-framing strands just a shade or two lighter than natural hair-thumbs up! Striping your hair-the total perimeter of your head to resemble the “zoot suit” Tom cut out of the hammock in the Tom and Jerry cartoon-freaky!

  2. I’m glad I quit smoking. Unfortunately though, I sometimes catch myself chewing on my fingernails. Ick! I know! Must be orally fixated or something. LOL! But I would have to agree with the striped hair. Reminds me of Pepe Le Peu of the looney toons. lol

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