Avon Daring Curves Mascara

This is testimony to why I test a new product several times before drawing my conclusion. When I tried Avon’s Daring Curves Mascara in Navy, the bizarre, twisted brush threw me for a loop. Mascara clings to the brush and, unless there is a magical trick to applying this mascara, the brush makes it awkward to put on without clumps.

My verdict after the first day? HATED IT. The newly-opened tube was dangled precariously above the trash can when I generously decided to test drive it a few more times first.

Avon’s website claims this mascara boasts a “patented Curl Contour brush that curls, thickens and holds.• Up to 65% curlier.• Up to 400% thicker.• Up to 12-hour hold.” I always use an eyelash curler with mascara anyway, so I can’t attest to its curling power alone, but yes, it has great holding power. My eyelashes looked almost ridiculously fake after I curled them, and I had to tone them down for work.

My biggest turn-off in a mascara is flaking, and luckily, I haven’t noticed any flecks under my eyes, even at the end of the day. I roll the brush lightly over a tissue to remove any excess mascara before applying it to my lashes, and that eliminated the weird-brush-and-clumps issue.

I’m still not convinced the weird brush has any positive reason for existing, but after giving this mascara a second and third try, it’s a keeper.

PRO’S: inexpensive (catch it on sale); staying power; works great with an eyelash curler; no flaking or clumping if you apply carefully

CON’S: weird brush makes it awkward to apply at first; navy color not really noticeable, so I’d probably stick to black or brown unless you have very light lashes

* Tip: Volage, a reviewer on Avon’s website, offers this advice for applying this mascara: “The key to this mascara is to hold the brush very close to the base of the lashes and roll the brush upwards to coat the lashes. If you sweep it from side to side, it doesn’t help with the curling factor.”

Thanks, Volage!


3 thoughts on “Avon Daring Curves Mascara

  1. I’ve read so many different ways of applying mascara, and so many that make no sense, like “sweeping from side to side”. I think if a mascara is worth anything, you can apply it the old-fashioned, common sense way and get results.

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