Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

Who could miss the bright yellow packaging of Maybelline’s newest mascara, the Colossal Volume mascara? I didn’t, and I couldn’t resist the challenge of seeing what colossal lashes actually look like.

Want to know? Like any other lashes with any other mascara, except with fine black flakes adorning your cheeks, because this mess flakes horribly. What a wild disappointment.

PRO’s: ummm…I’m still thinking. Surely I have something nice to say…

CON’s: certainly no significant difference in volume vs. other mascaras; flakes horribly, even with one coat; ugly packaging (yellow and purple?)

Save your money. I strongly prefer Avon’s Daring Curves Mascara, which I recently reviewed. Maybelline needs to go back to the drawing board and try again with this one.

*Photo courtesy of Silver Lips Beauty and Musiq Haven…thanks! I was having trouble finding a photo of this product!*


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