Schick Quattro Razor

I snagged a Schick Quattro razor on for free, and I have been using it for several months now. Now, a razor may not seem like an exciting product to review for a beauty blog, but if you have sensitive skin or tend to hurry and filet your legs, then gather ’round.

The refill razor cartridges run about $10, depending how many are in a pack (I just bought a 4-pack for $10, but there were 2 additonal cartidges for free), but these razor blades last forever. Remember I said I’ve been using this razor for a few months now? Last week was the first time I have changed the razor blade, and I still have had no nicks, cuts, or problems.

The razor gives a smooth shave without irritation. My skin is so sensitive that even with shaving gel and a surgeon’s touch, my legs would turn red after a shave, and I always seemed to nick myself. I haven’t had any of those problems with this razor, so it’s now become a permanent resident of my shower.

The one I got for free from is the men’s razor, and I noticed while shopping for refills that the women’s version costs more. Save the extra few bucks that are apparently just for a coat of pink paint. The men’s razor works great on legs!

I checked, and the Schick Quattro doesn’t seem to be available anymore. However, there is a current offer for the Schick Intuition Plus razor. Check it out and let us know how you like that one!


4 thoughts on “Schick Quattro Razor

  1. I am so lucky I don’t need to shave my legs! But I shave my arms using Electric razor! And it’s a man’s electric razor and it works so good !!! I don’t have to spend time plucking! 🙂 lol thanks to my husband for introducing me to it 🙂

  2. My husband hated his Quattro, so I adopted it for my legs. I’m on the same blade a year later. To save the blade longer, I rinse and dry it and dab a little olive oil on the blade. This keeps the blade from dulling faster and keeps it from rusting also. I never leave my razor in the shower. (rust) I think men’s razors are better because they are made for sensitive skin on men’s faces. That bmakes then better on legs!

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