M by Mariah Carey: Fragrance Review

As much as I truly cannot tolerate Mariah Carey, I intensely wanted to dislike her fragrance, M by Mariah Carey. However, my favorite color is purple, and I love butterflies, so the bottle design started messing with my head before I even sprayed it on my wrist.

According to Mariah’s website, “The inspiration for this fragrance was Mariah’s magical presence and artistry. By combining two very contrasted notes, an exotic Tahitian Tiare flower with a deliciously warm marshmallow, we wanted to express Mariah’s utmost femininity and undeniable sensuality in one strong statement. We then incorporated other facets, such as a Moroccan Incense Amber accord, to bring an element of mystery that lingers on skin. This harmonious balance of Mariah’s favorite scents and memories is at the heart of this creation.”

I question the “magical presence” and “artistry” of this woman:

Whether you like Mariah or not, however, the perfume is a beautiful scent, softly sexy, a warm and pretty smell. It lacks staying power, at least on me, but that will differ with each wearer, depending on your chemistry. Staying power is an important feature of a perfume to me, so I won’t be purchasing this perfume. For $62.50, I expect a fragrance to hang around for a bit.

PRO’s: pretty bottle; nice scent

CON’s: no staying power; associated with Mariah Carey!

Bottom line: This is a surprisingly nice perfume, but lack of staying power, as well as Mariah Carey’s annoyance factor, will keep me from buying it.


One thought on “M by Mariah Carey: Fragrance Review

  1. LOL! Great review. I guess because I agree. Definitely not a Mariah fan but I guess I need to check out the fragrance. A lot of these perfumes on the market don’t have staying power so I usually convert them to oils. Lasts a loooot longer!

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