Miracle Whip Facial Update!

Last month, you may recall, I was challenged to try the Miracle Whip Facial, which is essentially what it sounds like: spreading mayo on your face in hopes that its exfoliating powers will bless your skin and leave it smooth, glowing, youthful, and hopefully not smelling like a bologna sandwich.

I was more than skeptical, but curiosity won out, and I grudgingly bought a small jar of Miracle Whip. One crucial factor not mentioned by anyone before is that cats find this stuff irresistible. Having 3 cats in my home, I got a quickie cardio workout fending off the felines, who wished to lick my sandwich-spread-covered face, and were rather persistant about it. I warded off their gang attack for the required 15 minutes, then rubbed my face as prescribed before rinsing.


…nothing, really.

I didn’t see or feel any positive difference, though my cheeks felt irritated, red, and raw for about half an hour. This is not an effect I strive for in a beauty product…or a condiment, for that matter.

Honestly, if exfoliation is what you are going for, I would strongly recommend a product made just for that, and leave Miracle Whip to your sandwich. Or to your cats!


4 thoughts on “Miracle Whip Facial Update!

  1. LOL leave miracle whip to your cats! lol..i am sorry it didn’t work but thanks for sharing this, i was just discussing to my colleagues about this and ask them to try this! LOL

  2. There are other reviews online by women who swear this stuff was great for their skin, so maybe it’s worth a try…I just know it didn’t impress me, even though my cats liked it!

  3. This is the first time I’ve heard of this. What I have heard and seen was using Mayo on your hair and not on your face. They said it would make the strands of your hair stronger and shinier. I haven’t tried it though. 🙂

  4. this mask actually does wonders for older women. i am 48 and i thought that i exfoliated often – but even so i always get tons of skin off with this mask and people have been asking me what i have done to my face! i couldn’t believe all the dead skin that comes off behind my ears! try it! just make sure you leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then rub until all of the shiny skin comes off.djh

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