Just Add Water

A critical beauty tool may be as close as your kitchen faucet, or for you pickier types, the bottled stuff in the fridge: water.

Drinking adequate water each day has plenty of benefits for your body, your skin, and your appearance. According to naturalskincaresecrets.com, water can:

* carry nutrients to every cell in your body

*flush out toxins

* improve circulation and blood flow

* lubricate your joints

Not bad, but water also adds natural moisture to your skin, improving your complexion today and helping to lessen signs of aging later (source: Garden and Hearth).

Okay, so you’re convinced that water is good for your body and beauty, but damn, it sure isn’t as easy to kick back as a vodka and pineapple juice (fill in with your own favorite drink). Fear not! Garden and Hearth offers these 6 tips for drinking more water:

1. Add flavored packets – If water alone bores you, take advantage of the new flavor packets that are sold specifically to enhance your enjoyment of water.

2. Get fun to-go containers – Always have water with you or in the car. Get good size, fun colored containers. The larger the container, the fewer the refills.

3. Change your daily habits – Wake up to your first glass of water. Make it a rule to order water (with or without lemon) when you go out to lunch instead of a diet soda.

4. Drink a glass before you eat – Water helps to curb your appetite. It is easy to confuse hunger with being thirsty; so try water first. Drinking water makes you feel trimmer.

5. Use straws, add ice and a lemon – Make this glass of water feel like a treat.

6. Always have cold water on hand ready to drink – Make it easy. It is always easier to make the right choices when you have planned ahead and are prepared. Like the saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, plan to fail.’

Now, go chug some water!


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