Cosmetic Color Names

Did you ever wonder who has the cushy job of coming up with names like “Orgasm”, “I’m Not Really a Waitress”, “Vixen”, and other cheeky monikers for cosmetics colors? According to Mary Rayme, who wrote Color Names, Nail Polish, and Cars, “These names make consumers want to buy them to be cool by association, self included.”

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School was interested enough to conduct a study, concluding that the more outlandish and bizarre the color or flavor name of a product, the more likely a consumer is to purchase it (source: The Philadelphia Inquirer).

It works. According to a make-up artist for Nars cosmetics, “Orgasm definitely sells totally because of the name.” (For any readers who don’t live at Sephora, Orgasm is the color name of a Nars blush).

Some of the oddest and funniest cosmetic color names spotted by users of the Make-Up Talk forums:

Trailer Trash (Hard Candy eye pencil)

Polyester Bride (Urban Decay eye shadow)

Poodle Puff (Too Faced eye shadow)

Naked Lunch (Mac eye shadow)

What are some of the funniest, weirdest, or even disgusting cosmetic color names you have seen? One of the worst for me is Roach, a color name that Urban Decay likes so much, they bestowed it upon lip liner, eye shadow, and eye liner!


5 thoughts on “Cosmetic Color Names

  1. OMG, Naked Lunch is a trip. I love that. My favorite name would be Satellite Dream. But what in the hell is a Port Red? LOL!

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