Aquolina Pink Sugar

Aqualina Pink Sugar Eu de Toilette was one of the free samples I received with my order from Beauty Encounter, and hands down, it was the most fun and adorable packaging of any of the sample products in the box! The fragrance samples arrived wrapped in a pink-and-white striped plastic wrapper like a candy (see photo).What does it smell like? Well…just it sounds: like cotton candy. Sephora describes the fragrance as “Playful. Mischievous. Romantic”, but I would describe it as somewhat nauseating. It’s the kind of fragrance a pre-teen would douse herself with before heading to the mall with her poodle-permed and sparkly-nail-polished buddies.

However, if sickly sweet is your thing, you can snag some Pink Sugar for $22 for the solid perfume compact, $40 for a 1.7 ounce EDT spray, and don’t miss out on the $18 roll-on shimmering perfume!

The packaging is cute, and I loved the way the sample was wrapped like a candy. I also really like the solid perfume compact:

Unfortunately, after the novelty and oh-so-cuteness of the packaging wears off, this fragrance is way too sweet for my liking.

Has anyone tried Aquolina Chocolovers? (This company really likes its sugary confections, doesn’t it? )


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