Avon SlickTint

I’m not a big fan of heavy lipsticks, dark colors, or sticky lipglosses, so I was pleased to find Avon’s Slick Tint for Lips, a lip balm with just a hint of color. I have this in two colors:

Glossy Wine

Glossy Opal

I love both of them, though Glossy Opal tends to have less staying power than Glossy Wine. Glossy Opal is a light pink with a bit of a frosted look, but don’t worry, you won’t look like you’ve borrowed Granny’s frosted pink lipstick. I like to wear it when my eye make-up colors are pink or light purple.

Glossy Wine has that subtle red tint like you’ve just finished a glass of cherry Kool-Aid! I can’t stand red lipstick, but this gives just a hint of red without being garish or loud. For ladies with very fine skin tone like mine, it’s a magnificent color. I prefer this color with just black eyeliner and black mascara, so the lips can stand out and so my face doesn’t look overdone.

I like that it’s a lip balm, because even though I love make-up, I really can’t be bothered with lipliner, lip brushes, or touching up with a lip gloss applicator and digging for a mirror…a lip balm is convenient, fits into a pocket, and doesn’t have that greasy feel of most lipglosses.

And the price? Ninety-nine cents! You can usually find it on sale for about 79 cents if you really want to wait and save 20 cents.

PRO’s: small lip balm; convenient; great tint of color; non-sticky; cheap as hell (99 cents)!

CON’s: has a bit of an odd flavor to it when it’s a brand new tube; I don’t know if I just got used to it or if it wears off, but it’s not major or a reason not to try it out


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