15 Mascara Tips

Mascara is one of my can’t-live-without cosmetic items, and I’m always on the prowl for a newer, better one. No matter which brand you use, About.com offers these 15 Mascara Tips & Tricks (click the link to read the full explanations under each tip):

Tip #1: How to use a lash comb
Tip #2: Try a clean mascara wand.
Tip #3: Don’t shy away from colored mascara.
Tip #4: When applying mascara, wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes.
Tip #5: Thin, short brushes are best.
Tip #6: Give a few coats to the edges by blinking.
Tip #7: Powder under the eye before applying mascara.
Tip #8: Use an eyelash curler
Tip #9: Zig-zag the wand.
Tip #10: For a dramatic look, apply mascara only to the upper lashes.
Tip #11: Use a mascara primer.
Tip #12: Want that 2nd coat?
Tip #13: Do NOT pump wand in and out of the tube.
Tip #14: Another smudge-proof tip — bend the wand.
Tip #15: Wait five seconds before blinking.

The same site has this tip for thicker lashes: “Want thicker, lusher lashes? Try this quick tip: Apply lengthening mascara followed by thickening mascara. (Yes, the types of mascaras really do mean something, it’s not just a marketing ploy). Just be sure to apply the second coat before the first one dries.”

I’ve never tried that; has anyone else?

And last but not least, did you know that one tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara is sold in the United States every 1.6 seconds? (WHY, I have no idea…as I’ve mentioned, I cannot stand the stuff!)


3 thoughts on “15 Mascara Tips

  1. I know from my heart that Mascara should be the beauty product I can’t live without..but girl! I wear mascara lang once or twice a week only, I am so lazy coz i always use the waterproof ones and I get to be lazy in removing them and I hate the stiffness of the lashes when applied with waterproof mascara! thanks for the tips!!

  2. I also hate that pink and green tube. It looks and feels like thick water. I bought the mascara smapler from Sephora. I am looking forward to testing them all out.

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