Danger: Heels Ahead

A quick perusal of any magazine, catalog, or shoe store will confirm that one of fall’s trends is the pump oxford, a style of shoe that I really like…except for the heels. Are we really expected to wear 4 inch heels? I am not of the masochistic persuasion, and ummm, I have a real job, prefer to be able to walk, and don’t have the luxury of perching precariously atop skinny stilts, hoping some man will find them maddeningly and irresistably attractive.

Want to know some lovely effects on your body from wearing high heels? How about bad circulation, nerve damage, hammertoe, spider veins, knee and back problems, thigh pain, bunions, ankle weakness, calf muscle disorders, osteoarthritis, thickened toenails, toes curling up from narrow shoes, and stress fractures (source: Flat Facts About High Heels)?

A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 39 percent of women still wear high heels daily. The only good news is, this is down from the 60 percent who wore high heels back in 1986. However, this same study showed that 42 percent of women would wear uncomfortable shoes, and that 73 percent had shoe-related foot problems.

All I can say, wake up, stupid! If your shoes are impairing your body and causing discomfort and outright pain, STOP WEARING THEM, for the love of god! Tottering about and suffering in foot-disfiguring shoes just because they’re “cute” or because some men like them is beyond idiotic. And we women who have sense pay for this imbecility, because designers keep cranking out these foot-crushers for $100+ a pair due to the demand of mindless society-pleasers.

I love the oxford pumps, but until I find one with a low heel, I won’t be dropping any cash. My feet, knees, and back will thank me.


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