I Want This!: E.L.F. Custom Compact

While cruising e.l.f.’s website to read about their new mineral lipsticks, I came across the customizable compact and built one with Wisteria, Mocha, and Perwinkle eye shadows, and Sugar Plum lip color. The compact holds each color with magnets and hold eye, lip, or face colors of your choice.

The compact is $1, and each color is $1. You can’t beat that, except being forced to pay for shipping eats into e.l.f.’s low prices. Click here to see if you live near a store that carries e.l.f., or else shell out $75 to take advantage of free shipping. I’m puzzled why a company that sells such inexpensive products expects you to spend $75 to get free shipping.

Has anyone tried the customizable compact? Any thoughts or opinions about it?


3 thoughts on “I Want This!: E.L.F. Custom Compact

  1. I have one!!! It is great!!! it’s not a flimsy type of compact, of course..the applicator is useless (like all free applicators) but the compact is great! It’s with me for months (approx 4 months) and it’s still ok. It’s the same size of MAC e/s.

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