50% e.l.f. orders!

If you are placing an order soon with e.l.f., enter coupon code CAROLINA if your order is $15 or less, and you will receive 50% off! Not bad.

I have learned, since I shop online more often than I go to a store, to always search for coupon codes before completing an order. Just enter “e.l.f. coupon codes” into Google or your search engine, and find a coupon code for your needs.

Here’s another tip for e.l.f: if you visit their beauty blog, you will see that quite a few posts have this note:

And for every valid web comment on this blog only we will give you a Free $5 e.l.f. coupon via email just to say thanks (1 per person, valid to the first 100 posts only).

The comments fill up fast, but if you happen to catch it at the right time, you can win $5. Considering many of e.l.f.’s products are $1, that goes a long way, or else it can shave off the shipping cost for you.


2 thoughts on “50% e.l.f. orders!

  1. I LOVE e.l.f!!!! I once went crazy and bought all of their brushes- the best part was looking at my receipt and seeing less than $10…ahh the good old days =) Heck I bought my beloved MAC 217 brush and that cost wayy more…and thats only ONE brush…*sigh*and I never thought about the whole googling of the coupon codes…thats VERY smart idea/tip…thank you!!!!

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