Cover Girl Cosmetics: Buy One, Get One

A lot of readers have said that Cover Girl is one of their favorite cosmetics brands, so if you live near a participating Walgreens, don’t miss this week’s Buy One, Get One Free special on Cover Girl eye cosmetics. The special runs through August 16th.

A little Cover Girl history: the cosmetics line was started in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1958 by the Noxzema Chemical Company and originally offered only 6 products, including medicated face make-up (source: Wikipedia). An advertising campaign in 1976 featuring Christie Brinkley helped the company take off, and Ms. Brinkley’s 20-year contract with Cover Girl was the longest in the history of the modeling industry.

And that tagline, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl”? Thank Marc Pritchard, the President of Global Cosmetics and Personal Care for the Procter and Gamble Company, which acquired Cover Girl in 1989.


2 thoughts on “Cover Girl Cosmetics: Buy One, Get One

  1. I caved and bought the Lash Blast mascara, since I have read so many good reviews about it, and I got a liquid eyeliner as my free product. I figured I’d try something new so I got brown instead of my standard black.

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