Sephora Glitter Eye Pencil

As if you needed another reason to shop at Sephora…here’s one!Sephora Brand Liner Electro, a glitter-infused eyeliner pencil, has become one of my make-up bag favorites. I have Black Electro, a matte black with silver glitter. I’m not a huge fan of glitter, due to its annoying tendency to migrate all over one’s face, but this pencil adds just a touch of shimmer along the lash line if applied with a light hand.
The pencil is soft enough to draw a nice line without tugging or skipping. I don’t line my lower lids since I have oily skin and was afraid the glitter would melt down my face (glittery cheeks aren’t terribly attractive). I also like to use my regular black liquid eyeliner, then draw a light line with this pencil on top of it for a hint of sparkle at my eyes.

I haven’t tried any of the other colors yet, though Mauve Electro looks pretty.

Cost: $8 on


2 thoughts on “Sephora Glitter Eye Pencil

  1. i hate it when the liners are not soft…thanks for the review, I am actually looking at Sephora site before and would like to ask my friend to help me purchase these liners..thanks to you that i read your review first!

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