White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is a look that people seem to love or hate. According to ygoy.com, “The beauty of a white Liner is that white attracts light and opens up the eye, making it look larger. …White eyeliner, when applied correctly, can make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more radiant.”

How to apply without looking like you drew on your eyes with chalk?

“Apply the white liner on the inside edge of your lower eyelid (just inside the lashes) to make your eye appear whiter, your pupils more dilated… You can also use a light silver shade to get the necessary effect, in case you don’t have a white liner. Though it may seem to be a little tricky to apply on the eye, gently pull the skin under your eye down to move the lid away from your eye a bit. Then apply the white liner. However, make sure you don’t line your inner eyelid as there are chances of you clogging your tear ducts. A great way to wear eyeliner but still achieve a relatively natural look is to wear black eyeliner along the top line, and white eyeliner along the bottom line.”

Have you tried wearing white eyeliner? Was it a hit or a miss? I have a white eyeliner pencil but really don’t like the look. Even professionally applied, as I’ve seen in magazine pictures, it has an odd, “Look at this white goop near my eyes” effect. Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “White Eyeliner

  1. i have tried wet n wild’s white eyeliner, and to be honest it’s not very creamy and therefore i can’t really get the color to stick to my lash lines. i prefer using white liquid eyeshadow on my inner corners when i want to brighten up my eyes.

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