Purchasing Freeze

The other day I cleaned out my make-up bag and my cosmetics stash, and I hereby declare and vow that I will NOT purchase another lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, or eye shadow! It made me wonder what makes me buy another pink lip gloss, knowing I have a very similiar one at home already, or yet another red nail polish, when I have 3 shades in my caddy.

There’s a touch of fantasy, of hope, of excitement to buying new beauty products, something retailers cash in on, with that promise of a new look, a new feeling, all from a new color or new item. Most beauty junkies probably know what I’m talking about when I say it’s exciting to get a new color, a new product, and tear into it for the first time to try it out.

In realizing how much I’ve duplicated products and essentially wasted money, however, I am definitely going forth with a more aware and more realistic attitude when it comes to buying make-up! I will live without yet another lip gloss that is only 2 degrees darker than a shade of pink I have at home already, and no one would have noticed the difference anyway!

And whatever shall I do with the money I’ll save? Check out the black boots in the post below!


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