Make-Up Bags

My own cosmetic bag is similiar to this one (above), and I love having a clear make-up bag! No more rooting around, dumping it out, or rifling through it to find one small item. I can see where everything is and find everything quickly.

Sephora’s signature clear make-up bag is only $4! It’s 7.5 x 5 x 1.5, which is plenty big enough for me, but it may be too small depending on the size of your beauty stash.

I also like these show-offs of the make-up bag world:

Sephora’s metallic sequined make-up bags are $9 (on sale) and come in 7 colors. They are 8 x 4, so again a petite size, but perfect for carrying cosmetics on the go inside another bag, or while traveling.

For those of you who are more hard-core (and have lots of make-up), Sephora offers this limited-edition silver snake-print train case:For $45, it has an adjustable inner tray, an open compartment, a lock and key, and a detachable strap.

And luckily, Sephora sells plenty of items to fill up any size cosmetic bag!


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