Mary Jane Pumps

Meet Morgan! That’s the cutesy name of these Mary Jane pumps from Target. Unfortunately this photo from the website makes them look like frumpy, geriatric librarian shoes, like I should wear them with my knee-high stockings rolled down to my ankles. Just take my word for it, they are adorable shoes.

As much as I love shoes, I hardly ever buy any. I have a strong practical streak that doesn’t let me buy shoes just because they’re cute, and I’ll talk myself out of a purchase each time.

Except this time! These shoes have a 2 inch heel, and after being frustrated with 4 inch heels on every damn pair of shoes I see, I was excited to see a pair of shoes I can actually wear to work and not have to limp home on battered toes and throbbing feet. I like that they will look great with long or short skirts, as well as with a suit or trousers. When I tried them on and they were actually comfortable, I was sold.

As an honorable mention, I also love these peep-toe heeled booties, but alas, a 3.5 inch heel is too much torture for me.


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