The Best Earrings for Your Hairstyle

When you select a pair of earrings in the morning, are you thinking about your hairstyle? The Short Hair Diva on says you should. The following advice is from her article, The Right Earrings and Necklaces for Your Hairstyle:

“If you have long, medium, or short hair, do pay attention to your earrings. As always, do your homework, and know your own facial shape, and what hair styles look good on you. If, for example, you have a round face, you may want to rethink those round hoops, or button earrings. These will just accentuate the roundness. If you want to wear hoops, choose some that are slightly oval, elongated, or even square or triangular. This will add some length to your face.

How about if your face tends to be long, and you have long hair? …you may want to choose an updo, or a simple and chic chignon or French braid in the back. This leaves those shell-like earlobes tantalizingly exposed! Give your face some dimension with fun glitzy rhinestone clusters, chunky CZ dazzlers, sparkly beaded dangles, diamond cut gold or silver drops…

That old saying about short hairs wearing small earrings is just fashion past-history. When your hair is short, you can get away with all kinds of earring mayhem!! You can sport tiny, twinkling studs, “huggie hoops,” large hoops, doorknockers, leverbacks, French hooks; really, my dears—the sky is the limit.”

I like dangly earrings when my hair is down, and hoops when my hair is up. I also strongly prefer silver over gold; silver looks much better with my skin tone. If you are not sure what your skin tone is, click here!


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