What Size Do Men Prefer?….or, Why Should I Care?

According to the UK’s Fabulous Mag survey, most men prefer a woman who is a size 12 UK (size 10 US), though most women say they would prefer to be smaller (size 8 UK, size 6 US) (source: Boinkology.com).

I had a lot of reactions to this article, not the least of which being, why the hell should I care what men say they prefer my body size to be? In determining how much I should weigh or what clothing size I should wear, I should consider my bone structure, my level of activity, my health, my muscle density, my healthy weight…a lot of factors that are far more relevant and certainly more important than the judgment of attractiveness by a random male.

The article touts this survey result like it’s good news for women, like we ladies should be just pleased as punch that men have afforded us more margin of error than we previously supposed in measuring ourselves against their artificial standards.

Oh, puke.

Here’s a standard for you: intelligent women prefer men who recognize that a woman’s body is supposed to have curves, and not just preposterously silicone-inflated ones. Intelligent women prefer men who recognize that there is more to a woman than the size tag on her dress. And intelligent women should focus on what is healthy for them instead of what is deemed attractive.

Get this:

*28% of men who responded to this survey said they want their girlfriend to drop a dress size.

*25% of these men said they would leave their girlfriend if she went up 3 dress sizes; 64% of these swine said they would leave their girlfriend if she went up more than 3 dress sizes.

*Then, 77% of these assholes had the audacity to say they wish their girlfriend was more body confident! “You’re not skinny enough, and I’ll leave you if gain weight, but it’s so damn annoying that you’re so insecure about your body!”

Why do so many women give credence to the preferences and judgments of men who don’t deserve the time of day in any department? There are men out there with realistic attitudes about women, our bodies, our minds, and not just toting about a scorecard to rate our asses and hips on their scale of acceptability. (Yes, I promise that enlightened men are out there, somewhere, buried beneath the Cro Magnons.) Your health, self-respect and your own body confidence are way more important than the opinion of doofuses like these jerks in the survey, who want caricatured Barbie-doll arm candy instead of a real woman. I am tired of seeing women step over their own opinions and their own considerations in homage to “what men like”.


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