Review: Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara

Not long ago, I was excited to receive a sample of Chanel’s Exceptionnel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara, with an “innovative six-sided brush” that “ensures dramatic results”, according to its product description. So I put it to the test.The six-sided brush takes a second to get used to, and the mascara actually comes with an application diagram instructing you to rotate the brush outward at the base of the lashes, then to stretch the brush upward to the tips of the lashes.

When I first applied the mascara, I really liked it. This is what my lashes (on one eye, anyway) looked like with this macara:

(Yep, that’s an extreme close-up of my very own eyeball! How narcissistic does it feel to snap shots of your own face for a make-up review?)

My mascara love affair was short, however. In the time it took me to drive to work, get settled at my desk, and pop open my powder compact, there were fine little black flakes beneath my eyes. My biggest pet peeve with mascaras is flaking. It is a cardinal sin I cannot forgive.

On the next test run, I tried rolling the brush lightly against a tissue to remove some excess mascara, hoping it was just clumping on the brush or was applied too thickly, leading to the flakes. I applied a single coat instead of two. No luck; it still left confetti under my eyes.

To be fair, I wore this mascara a few more days, but the flaking is apparently a nasty habit it doesn’t want to give up. I was extremely disappointed.

PRO’s: My lashes looked very thick and defined after first applying this mascara.

CON’s: This mascara flakes all over the damn place. Nothing I tried stopped it from shedding little black flakes. Not the least bit attractive! It also costs $28, which is one the more expensive mascaras I have seen.

Would I buy this again?: A definitive NO.

The sample I tried was, of course, free. Good thing. Look, Chanel, if you’re going to charge $28 for a mascara, it needs to deliver a tad more than a $6 drugstore mascara, and this one simply doesn’t do that. In fact, it performed worse than some drugstore mascaras at literally a third of the price. The Chanel name on the tube and a cutesy gold tip on the cap doesn’t gloss over a shoddy product. For 3 times the cost, women deserve 3 times the quality.


2 thoughts on “Review: Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara

  1. I’m not sure if you mean beauty blogs in general or just your beauty blog… but my favorite posts are the ones about cheap (like me!) skincare/makeup products. Doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. I also love makeup/skincare tips! especially the easy to do ones!

  2. I meant overall, beauty blogs in general. My favorite posts are product reviews, because they give me ideas of brands that perform and those that don’t, whether items are worth the money, and opinions from someone who has tried it vs. the hype on the package.

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