Makeup Alley

This is one of my new favorite websites! Makeup Alley is a great resource to check out product reviews before you buy something, which is the main reason I love this site. I like to read what others have thought of a product before I make a decision.

The site has far more than product reviews, though. There are message boards on every beauty topic imaginable, from cosmetics to fragrance to bath and body, skin care, hair care, fitness, and a set of lifestyle boards as well.

You can swap items too, or set up a purchasing diary to log your beauty-related buys.

Here’s a link to my profile on Makeup Alley: LipstickGraffiti’s profile. I only have one product review posted so far, but I’ll add to it!


6 thoughts on “Makeup Alley

  1. awesome blog. really cool. i’m from beauty be good. you actually commented on my blog ealier (about the new kitten) so thanks alot- oh and both of your blogs are sooo cool that i am gonna put both of them under my blogs i adore on my page. have a lovely day!!

  2. makeupalley is a great site. However, if you have friends all on facebook, you may try this fb application, < HREF="" REL="nofollow">beautylime<>. You can easily share your experience between ur real friends.

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