Best Beauty Advice Ever

I’m about to dispense what I consider the best beauty advice ever. Are you ready? Here goes:


Yes, real. Not air-brushed, not pinned, not tucked, not injected, not sucked in, not sucked out, not glued on, not weaved in, not waxed, not implanted.

How many advertisements for a beauty product promise the look of fake lashes, the look of injected lips, essentially the appearance of artificiality…as if this is the new “natural” and any make-up routine lacking scalpels, syringes, bags of silicone, glue, or saline is for slackers?

Do we even know what a woman naturally looks like anymore? Do we know what an unwaxed, unbleached, un-retouched woman looks like without outside interference into what she “should” look like, before the army of conformists get their grip on her?

I find it highly disturbing that women have been so plasticized, so objectified, that even we buy into the build-a-woman mentality with “beauty treatments” that simply erase who we are and what we look like naturally. You are not allowed to have natural expression lines on your forehead! Inject them away! Got hips? No problem. We can work wonders with a scalpel and lipo. Boobs not quite large enough to lift right off your chest and begin to orbit the sun on their own planetary plane? Check. We can handle that too.

The oddity now is not the nipped and tucked. It is the natural. I find that scary, anti-woman, and frighteningly conformist that it goes so unquestioned. Well, I’m calling it out. Knives, needles, bandages, and vacuum hoses will never be a part of my beauty routine. What should be a fun and creative expression of our personalities has been bastardized into rigidly molding ourselves into one ideal, and no effort, however extreme, is too far to go to fall in line.

I’ll stay out here, outside the lines. For good.


2 thoughts on “Best Beauty Advice Ever

  1. so true.. great post. i was born with a cleft pallate and of course have had operations so now you would never know…. but it always amazes me that after all i went through just to look like your average womean that people take cosmetic surgeries so lightly! some people have something else done every time you turn around- it is sort of sad…. we as women (afterall) are the sex that should be all soft and feminine! again, great post

  2. But my very concern is the belief that all women “should” look like anything but what and who they are. Make-up can be a fun and creative expression of ourselves, but when it becomes covering up anything that isn’t what society deems attractive, or masking or changing or tweaking or somehow bringing ourselves more in line with what we “should” look like, then it sure isn’t fun at all. It’s nothing but shackles.

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