Avon Pore-fection Skin Refining Mask

When you have extremely oily skin like I do, you hold on tightly to products that actually do what they promise to do: namely, control the oil, reduce the shine, and help you feel like you have real, honest-to-goodness skin beneath the oil slick. So many products claim to improve oily skin, but really have little to no effect.

Years ago, I fell in love with Avon’s Pore-fection Skin Refining mask, because it helped clear up my breakouts, helped reduce the oiliness, tightened my pores, and smoothed my skin, because as I rinse, there’s just enough exfoliation to make my face smooth and soft.

I noticed that Avon pulled one of its favorite tricks and decided to discontinue this great product, since I haven’t seen it on their site in a while. Today I noticed the Pore-fection skin cleanser and toner (which I’ve never tried) are on sale, “while supplies last”, so I guess the entire line is being kicked to the curb.


I like Avon, but if there’s one thing that has always exasperated me about the company, it is their tendency to constantly change up product, and with no notice. Had I known this mask was going to be discontinued, I’d have bought a few to tide me over. I joke that if I like a product, that means it will be discontinued soon, but it is actually pretty true. I understand needing to make room for new products, but really, does Avon truly need yet another anti-wrinkle cream, cellulite cream, or my favorite, bust cream? Yeah, I think we could have skipped some of the nonsense items to save room for the good stuff. How ’bout ditching the 10 pages of bras and sticking to products that customers love and are loyal to? (How many women purchase their bras from Avon anyway?)

And how come the bust cream is never discontinued?


5 thoughts on “Avon Pore-fection Skin Refining Mask

  1. Amen! I loved that mask and was SO disappointed when it was discontinued. I ended up making my own from French green clay powder and finely ground pumice (the same exfoliant used in the Avon mask). It works like a charm, and has no crazy chemicals. 🙂

  2. i feel you! i am very disconcerted to recently learn of discontinuation of yet another avon product i was wild about. even worse, i don’t see any concerted skin care line for any kind of skin or replacement line. what is the matter with them?i like the idea of making oun mask – can you post details about how you make and where you purchase ingredients? is it as economical as avon mask? misskitty in pa

  3. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make, and cheap, too! I found my ingredients online – Mountain Rose Herbs has French Green Clay. 1 lb is $8.50, and might well last you a lifetime. Bramble Berry has finely ground pumice, 1 oz is $2.50. You might also be able to find them at health food stores or other online suppliers – just mix a bit of the pumice into the dry clay powder until you think it’s scrubby enough. Add a bit of water to the mixture in your palm, and mix well until it’s spreadable. Massage in to your beautiful face, let dry, and rinse well. Enough people have asked me about this that I’m thinking of stocking it in my Etsy shop in the new year… Good luck!

  4. thank you so much for that recipee! i am going to seriously research over time for products that are dependable or that i can make myself. hopefully, other readers are as well and we can pool our knowledge.i am really tired of these companies that completely fail to understand female loyalty to cosmetic/skincare products and i think i really want to get out from under that.

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