Chadwick’s of Boston

My Chadwick’s of Boston catalog arrived in the mail over the weekend, and I almost tossed it until a quick flip through the pages caught items like these:

I love the emerald green color and the attention-getting beading. I like three-quarter sleeves, as well, for showing off bracelets and jewelry.

This dress is goddess-like beauty, and a gorgeous color. I’d find a reason to wear this, even if it’s just hanging out and watching a hockey game in style!

I couldn’t actually stand the pointy high heel on these boots, but tell me, who could resist looking at those bright red buckled boots?

Chadwick’s of Boston also sells fragrances and jewelry online. I have been disappointed by Chadwick’s in recent years. I used to get the catalog and instantly turn pages down for so many things I liked, and their prices used to be amazing. Now they are leaning toward trendy instead of classic, so a lot of the clothes are ugly and overpriced, but I like how the website has expanded to include accessories and shoes. Still…I miss the simple, classic, well-priced items they used to have.


One thought on “Chadwick’s of Boston

  1. My < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Chadwicks<> catalog arrived a few days ago. I was pleased to see more < HREF="" REL="nofollow">dresses<> and tops.

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